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UK Police Trial Tesla Model 3

The UK’s 9 month trial of an electric patrol car brings raving reviews by both officers and members of the public.

Tesla police cars could soon be a common sight on our UK roads.


Tesla US provided a £60,000 police-liveried Model 3 to be used by forces up and down the country earlier this year. The US company said that the the initital testing has gone really well and the car is is admired by both officers and members of the public.

The trial which has been published this week says the electric cars are capable of running for up to four hours of continuous ‘advanced driving conditions’ and says charging during shifts has been working with officers plugging into the brand’s Supercharger network.


The vehicle provided was the performance variant which means it’s all-wheel-drive can accelerate from 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds

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